Making Content Relevant to Students: iPod Playlists and Permutations

Neil Eckman


First paragraph: Though my experience with teaching is still in its infant stages, I have found that the problem with getting students motivated for mathematics starts with making it relevant to them. Educators across the country are currently in competition, not necessarily against each other, but against the wave of technology that students use in their daily lives. The most recent phenomenon is unquestionably the iPod Mp3 player. Music provides an outlet and is an important part of most of our lives, and it is particularly important in the lives of our youth. It is our students who use these devices on a daily basis, on their way to school, before school, between classes, etc. Simply put, the cultural revolution of the iPod has created a deep impact in this generation of music lovers. So, why not use this phenomenon to build student interest?


Probability; Engagement; Relevant Problems

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