Old Ideas Revisited

Mary A. Thomas


First paragraph: Tired of the same old same old? Attached are a series of old ideas revisited. All of these ideas have come from ICTM conferences and colleagues over the years. I have simple re-worked them to fit my needs. Everything we share has value, but sometimes a little modification of the activity can turn it into something that works for you. I hope you are able to “tweek” them to fit your needs. The bottom line for me is trying to make class fresh and interesting for our students along with teaching toward commonly valued course objectives. We do not have complete control over whether our students leave our room bored, but we can plan to shake things up and hopefully leave our students wondering where the time went instead of watching the clock. The old ideas that I will be revisiting include openers, people searches, stations, matching activities, little books, and exit slips. Many more exist. Have fun!



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