Scratching the Surface of Pong: Enriching Linear Equations with Computer Programming

Kelly Wamser Remijan, Michael Pedersen


Increasingly, coding is seen as a desirable and even necessary skill for jobs of all types. While coding is essential in today's technology-driven world, integrating coding into existing curriculum can be challenging and may require mathematics teachers to think outside the box and to become more knowledgeable of coding programs such as Scratch. The purpose of this manuscript is to show teachers how coding through the free program Scratch can enrich and review math concepts such as writing the equation of a line. The following manuscript is similar to a lab activity conducted by my 9th grade math students. This was the third Scratch-based activity conducted by the students; thus, they had some experience with the program before attempting to apply linear equations to Pong.

Note: Since the original publication of this article, the authors have found that some of the menu options in Scratch have changed. They created a video, available here, walking the interested reader through the project using Scratch in its updated form. 


Technology, Coding, Enrichment, Algebra

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