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The Illinois Mathematics Teacher is the official journal of the Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

The journal provides ideas and information for mathematics teachers at all levels of the curriculum (K-16). Most of the authors are in-service teachers offering practical ideas for improving classroom instruction. The editors invite submissions from both new and experienced authors and accept articles on a range of topics, including: innovative classroom activities and lessons, applications to the classroom of pedagogical research and best practices, examples of implementing standards, reviews of recent books on pedagogy, and any other articles that will support the professional development of ICTM members.

We are always accepting new submissions to the journal; for more information, please see the guidelines for submission page.

Some of our more recently published articles are listed below. Click here for the most recent full issue or the issue in progress.

Recently published on IMT

Online Homework and its Impact in Intermediate Algebra

by Paula R. Stickles

Addressing Misconceptions in Statistical Reasoning using CODAP: Sampling Concepts 

by Jessie Store, Jennifer Schutt, Jessica Bunge, and Katherine Krauss

Designing for and Assessing Students' Motivation in Mathematics Classes

by Brooke Mullins, Brett D. Jones, and Tiffany J. LaCroix

2018 and 2019 ICTM Awards

featuring remarks by Elvia Uriostegui, Martin Gartzman, and Jennie Winters

Impact of School Characteristics on PARCC Results

by Lina Smulkaitis and J. Christopher Tweddle

Diagonal Calculation

crossword puzzle by Christopher Shaw

Key Ideas to Consider when Implementing STEM

by Barbara M Martin and Anni Reinking

Scratching the Surface of Pong: Enriching Linear Equations with Computer Programming

by Kelly Wamser Remijan and Michael Pedersen

Alternative Methods for Understanding Area Formulas

by Candide Walton and Tamela Randolph